Washable Pad Design

There are a couple things people think about when creating their own clothes and belongings through sewing: saving money, environmental friendliness, and creating something unique. I have been thinking about being more eco-friendly in my day to day and also save a little money so I decided to look up some fabric to make washable pad and and panty liners.

Materials I used

  • flannel fabric
  • PUL waterproof diaper material
  • old t shirt
  • old nylon elastic panty
  • Velcro

I used 10 x 10 inch squares of flannel for the main base and drew out a shape with attachment wings to wrap around. Between the layers of flannel I sewed in a rectangle of the PUL fabric slightly larger than the pad part. It is recommended to use micro fleece for the pocket to put in the absorbent inserts in because it is moisture wicking and should draw moisture into the absorbent layer. For the absorbent insert, materials like terry cloth are recommended or hemp. I didn’t have either of these laying around so I used some old cut up t shirts and sewed 6 layers together. I also didn’t have fleece for the pocket layer but I did have some old boy short panties that i never wore because they were uncomfortable so that’s I used. I figured that would work well since they were nylon and not absorbent. In theory that should make it feel dryer against the skin.

The next step for me is to try it out and see how it feels to use! Feel free to tell me about your designs too.

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