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Vision Boarding

how did I get started?

How does one vision board you may ask. Well I’m going to tell you. Based on my extensive YouTube, and other peoples blog research, along with a smattering of googling what bagua is, I have decided how I like to do it. I prefer a good old fashioned piece of card board and some old magazines to cut out. Some people do digital ones but you have to search specific things to find pictures online, so you are less likely to stumble over something moving accidentally. I actually started doing it because I wanted to teach a kids class on vision boards. So far I have almost finished one session of this class on Outschool, and I really have enjoyed it so far. I’ve learned that talking it through makes all the difference and stops me from being all angsty and inside myself.

this is what I’ve done so far…

I’ve made a couple of boards in the past few weeks, but this is the most recent one I’ve done that I like a lot. At first I struggled with how to categorize it but it came together. You can really organize your board however you like but should at least have some desired feeling in mind while making it. This board is two sided. One side is all about my internal self, and the other side is about my external relationships people outside myself and immediate family. I did try to think of a goal specific vision board but I can’t really pin point a specific goal I want to achieve. I am much more certain about how I want to feel, which I think is more important anyway since the things you want are really based on how those things make you feel.

Pile o’ magazines
snip snip snip

Dos and Don’ts

I have some simple advice for anyone interested in giving this exercise a whirl.

  • Do check out other peoples tips for how to set up a vision board.
  • Do be in the most positive head space you can be when you work on it.
  • Do focus on your end goal
  • Do select pictures and words that make you feel some positive emotion.
  • Do look at your board daily
  • Don’t choose things that make you feel envious, that is not motivating.
  • Don’t create super unrealistic timelines for success.
  • Don’t get bogged down on trying to figure out each step to achieve your goals.
  • Don’t give up.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your board as you go along.

I procrastinated on getting going and now I really find it relaxing and enjoyable. I don’t need a million boards but sometimes I’ll just peruse a magazine and snip something out that speaks to me and squirrel it away for later. For me, the most meaning full part of vision boarding is the making of it and the just-right finished product right after. I am also not tied to it. If I start to see that it’s not quit right I can stick a new picture over an old, or rip it off, or add some more, or add the whole thing to a new board, or even trash it all together and start again.

Do it with friends, do it with your kids, do it alone, do it in one sitting or over time; just do it. You really have no reason not to.

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