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Best Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Easiest Projects to start learning to sew.

Trying to figure out what to sew is probably one of the first problems you will run into when learning to sew. When I am learning a new technique, it is so hard to learn when I don’t have an actual item I can make to see how the stitch or technique actually works in a real design. I’m starting a list of a ideas for you to try to get your new sewing hobby going.

So you don’t know what to sew?

How do you choose a beginner project to start sewing? Just pick up any pattern from the fabric store and go, right? Well… not all patterns are suitable for the beginner. If you want to be ambitious, give it a go! I recommend that you start with a few simple projects to get used to using your machine on a simple pattern and allow yourself a chance to experiment on quick easy projects to nail down the basic stitches that you can apply to more difficult projects down the road.

Don’t worry, being super excited to jump into a difficult project is a common sentiment when you are excited to start sewing.

I have definitely been in this boat. I run to the fabric store, pick out a pattern, get only just enough fabric to make the item according to the pattern instructions and run home to get started right away. Inevitably I am rushing because I’m excited and impatient and end up making a bunch of mistakes, which leads me to not have enough fabric or end up frustrated because I’m struggling. Don’t be like me! It’s not a race! Take your time to learn, and give yourself an opportunity to mess up on the easy stuff first. I’m turning over a new patient leaf too.

Best easy sewing projects!

Here are a couple of projects you can start learning to sew with. As I try more projects I’ll add more ideas. I can’t wait to get your ideas too!

Project 1: Pillowcase

Making a pillow case is the number one most basic project to start with. Take a look at my blog post for some more info on this easy first project.

Project 2: Drawstring Backpack

A drawstring backpack is another great easy project and the finished product could be something you could use everyday!

Project 3: Easy pillowcase dress

This dress can be for a kid, a doll, or an adult too I suppose. You can see one I made here.

Project 4: Stretch headband

Headbands are a great beginner sewing project because they are quick, useful and can use up some of your scrap fabric you may have laying around! Check out my tutorial video.

Project 5: Easy scrap quilt

There are a couple easy blanket making options, and a scrap quilt is one of them. Take a look here for a quick video.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about choosing a beginner sewing project.

Start small and simple to help get a feel for your machine and some basic stitches. Don’t rush your projects, you don’t have to finish in one sitting. Remember to have fun, this is your hobby not a competition! Let me know which of these projects you would like me to make a tutorial on. Also, let me know what your favorite beginner sewing project is, or what you want to start on as your first project. Click below to submit your projects and have them added to this list!

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