Envelope Pillow case & Pillow Making


Pillows! They are a great easy project for beginning sewing hobbyists. This simple project is a fun was to get the sewing juices flowing. It’s a quick way to redecorate without buying new accent pillows. I love the envelope pillow case for throw pillows because the are easy to make and change out on a whim. I made some today for a friend of mine who wanted to change the look of her pillows. Also, I’ve been able to use larger scrap pieces that I have or remnants that I always end up picking up from Joann’s when I go to get supplies, so they end up being pretty inexpensive too.

Speaking of scraps, I made a t-shirt quilt two months ago and I was left with a bag full of shirt pieces that I couldn’t bring myself to throw out. I’m trying not to keep every single tiny piece of material I end up snipping off a project but these pieces are pretty big, like one side of a t-shirt. I can totally use that for something!! I have used some of the scraps for different things already, but to keep on topic, I made a small pillow. It was a first attempt making this scrap pillow. I suppose this should be called an applique scrap pillow. It was fun and simple, but now that I have the gist of it I plan on making a more intricate scene. Take a look of my first one I made for my daughters bed.

I call this pillow, Partly Sunny

So, how I made this…… The light blue background is from the front panel of a chambray shirt. That shirt was part of the quilt and the other shapes are t-shirt scraps. The back is some scrap flannel from the back of the quilt. I cut the shapes of the sun an clouds and tacked them down with a tiny bit of Elmer’s glue to hold in place and then did a zigzag stitch all around the edges in matching thread colors. I actually think the raw edges of the cut pieces matches with the casual look of the pillow. This is not the traditional way of doing applique, maybe I’ll try a folded edge or the double thickness pieces that also have finished edges. If you need to get some sewing juices flowing, make a pillow case! If you want an easy place to start sewing, make a pillow case! If you don’t know how to make a pillow case, sign up for my emails and I’ll send you a printable photo instruction guide.

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