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The Beginners Guide: Learning to Sew

Sew….You want to learn to sew? Not sure how to start? Read on for some tips on supplies, classes and beginner projects.

The Beginners Guide – Learn to Sew

Why is learning to sewing going to be a great hobby? Sewing is something you can do for fun, relaxation and stress relief, sharpening mental focus, and fostering your creativity, but the skills you learn can help you in your day to day life too. Mend your favorite jeans, make your kid a Halloween costume, sew on a button in a pinch and much more. Basic sewing techniques are also a great foundation for what ever creative sewing hobby you decide on, including, quilting, clothes making, home decor, making toys for the kids or even projects to do with your kids.

I’m a hobby seamstress in the making going on thirty years or so. I’ve been learning to sew and learning new techniques since childhood. Sewing is a great hobby to start with your children because its a hobby that can grow with you for a lifetime. Learn how to get your new hobby started here and then stay with me as I show you what I’m learning now, how I learned it and how you can learn it too!

What can hobby sewing mean for you?

Hobby sewing is anything you want it to be! The essence of your sewing hobby should be that it is fun for you. Whether you are a perfectionist and will be dedicated to making complicated clothing designs or you are more casual and are interested in making easy projects like pillow cases and tote bags, the possibilities are endless.

What should learning to sew not be? Learning to sew should not be stressful! There is no one way to learn and no definite finish line to your learning either. Even the most talented seamstresses are learning and perfecting sewing techniques all the time. Begin this hobby with an open mind for learning and patience in your heart. Learning to sew is not an over night miracle, its a lifelong journey that can bring you countless hours of creative time.

How start learning to sew.

The first thing you should consider is how you like to learn. Are you a lone wolf who likes to do their own research and learn independently? Do you like a live classroom setting? Is reading instructions your preference, or watching videos? Who do you want to learn from? Do you want a certified teacher or maybe some tips from a fellow student? After deciding how you like to learn you can dive into the options you have in that learning style. Next think about how much time and money you are interested in initially investing in your new hobby. Are you planning on sewing several times a week on one or many sewing endeavors, or do you have one specific project you want to complete? Thinking about these initial questions will help you start learning to sew at your most comfortable pace and in the way you learn best.

Tips to succeed at learning to sew.

  1. Set realistic goals for your learning pace. I’m sure learning to sew is not the only thing you have going on in your life so set aside a realistic amount of time you want to spend each week or each month on your new sewing hobby.
  2. Give yourself the tools you need to be successful. Although you may not need to spend a fortune on supplies, don’t short change yourself by skimping on the basics.
  3. Make something! The best way to practice the skills you are learning is to make something. Choosing a beginner sewing project to complete will be more beneficial than just practicing with scraps because you will see how to use the techniques you are learning in practice and you will be more motivated since you have an end goal in the project.
  4. Don’t give up. Learning to sew is an awesome journey, but it’s up to you to keep forging forward. Give yourself the opportunity to learn.
  5. Constructive criticism only! Compare your work to other peoples work to discover tips and strategies. Don’t disparage your best attempts if they don’t turn our perfectly. Remember learning a new skill is not a competition.

Common Questions about learning to sew.

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Should I take a class?

You have many options when it comes to learning to sew. Many local fabric stores offer live classes. Joann’s Fabrics, for example, has sewing classes at different skill levels that you can take live. If you prefer a more independent approach, online classes through bluprint.com (used to be Craftsy) are great as well. If you prefer venture on your own with your machine and a guidebook try Readers Digest: Compete Guide to Sewing or Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp (this is the one I have, check out my review...).

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Do I need to buy a sewing machine right away?

Right away? Maybe not, but eventually yes. The classes offered at Joann’s Fabrics often have classrooms with sewing machines available for students to use during the class, so if you want to ease in slowly and get a taste for sewing before taking the plunge to buy your own machine this is a great option.

Is anyone else out there learning to sew too?

Yes! People all over the place are learning to sew. A quick search of Facebook groups or Meetup.com should generate some communities you can interact with, either online or at live events.

What basic supplies to I need to get started right?

You will of course need needle and thread, some fabric and an idea! For a complete list checkout my post about my top recommended supplies.

What should I make first?

There is no right answer to this question. You can find tons of free patterns online as well as lots of walk-through videos on youtube, some good and some not so good. Don’t want to go too far? Check out my post on how to make an envelope pillow case.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about learning to sew

You can learn to sew! You will do it in your own way, and that is the right way. I hope you decide to start your new hobby. Share the start to your new journey in the comments. Subscribe to stay in touch with me and to follow along with my learning to sew journey too!

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