Beginner Stuffed Animal Design

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Fun and easy to make felt stuffed animals let you practice your sewing skills! Make one this week!

Supplies you will need.

You can find the things you will need at a fabric store, craft store, or online.

  • Felt in at least three colors
  • Batting to stuff your animal
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
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  1. Cut two rectangular pieces and round the top to the desired head shape. cut a circle with a circumference the same as the length of the short ends of the body pieces.
  2. Use your contrasting colored felt to cut our face shapes, and layout on one piece of the felt body cut in step 1.
  3. Sew on face shapes in desired layout.
  4. Add whiskers with and other accents as desired with embroidery thread.
  5. Cut ears and tail in desired shape and sew on contrasting colors.
  6. Cut double of each foot and add contrasting color for toes.
  7. Sew together foot shapes with outsides facing in leaving a small hole to turn right side out. Stuff with batting and stitch remaining hole closed. Put feet aside for attaching later.
  8. Pin ears downwards with right sides facing in onto the edge of the face at desired spot.
  9. Place back body piece on top of face and sew around the edge, and sew on bottom circle leaving a small hole to turn right side out and stuff with batting.
  10. Close small hole. Attach feet at desired spots! AND you are done!

Remember, you can make this stuffed animal any size you like and use any colors or shapes. This is a fun and easy project you can make for a gift or a project with the kids!

Have fun trying out your own stuffed animal and stay in touch to show me how yours turns out!

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    1. Ooh pet toy sounds fun. I’d probably try something durable like denim or canvas. Maybe even use an old bath towel!

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