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Beginner Sewing Book Review

Sewing books are a great resource for helping you get sewing. Use them for reference to sewing techniques you are new to using or walk through tutorials on easy beginner sewing projects. Take a look at the two books I am using right now, Leewards Complete Library of Needlecraft, and Sew Everything Workshop. (affiliate links)

Sew Everything Workshop

These two books are different and useful in many ways. Sew Everything Workshop is a very basic beginner guide that is a great starting place for the true beginner. It includes tips for setting up your space, basic stitches and even patterns with starter projects to try.

Leewards Complete Library or Needlecraft

Leewards book is more advanced and goes in to more detail on techniques for altering clothes, different stitch uses, construction of clothing and even applique and other decorative techniques. Take a look at my video for some views of the inside pages.

Comment with your recommended sewing books! Keep in touch and let me know what other things you would like review on.

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